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Environment, Safety and Mobility for 2020

ILIPT project

Intelligent Logistics for Innovative Product Technologies

CLEPA Technology Day 2009, "The car of tomorrow: Environment, Safety and Mobility for 2020”, which took place on 11 February 2009 in Brussels at Autoworld, demonstrated in its third edition that automotive suppliers not only develop most of the new automotive technologies but also are key players in reducing CO2 emissions whilst, at the same time, innovating for safety and mobility.

European automotive suppliers showcased their latest technologies relating to environment and road safety.

Participants had the possibility to engage in a dialogue on:

  • What can be expected in the near future?
  • What can be more efficient in terms of reducing CO2 emissions?
  • To what extent can new technology help satisfy mobility needs in a sustainable way?
  • Are alternative fuels, hybrids, electrical vehicles and CO2 reduction technologies part of the solution to environmental problems?
  • Can automotive ICT help save lives and at the same time improve traffic control?

The results of the ILIPT European project (Intelligent Logistics for Innovative Product Technologies) were also be presented. 

Conference Presentations: ILIPT Project

"The Road to the 5-Day Car"
Prof. Andrew Graves, University of Bath, School of Management

"Modular Vehicle Design and new materials for future demands"
Dipl. Ing. Andreas Untiedt, ThyssenKrupp Steel AG

"Managing the Build-To-Order Supply Chain - Planning and Execution: Processes for rapid supply, production and delivery"
Prof. Dr. Bernd Hellingrath, Fraunhofer IML

"Designing BTO Logistics"
Ms. Katja Klingebiel, ebp-consulting

Build-To-Order – Make it happen
Dr. Glenn Parry, University of Bath

Conference Presentations: CLEPA Technology Day

Emission performance standards for new vehicles
Mr. Stefan Moser, European Commission DG Environment

Interactive session

Built-To Order- the future
Prof. Andrew Graves, University of Bath, School of Management

Anticipation of change in the automotive industry
Prof. Peter McKiernan, University of St Andrews, School of Management

Seminar: The car of tomorrow: Environment, Safety and Mobility for 2020

The car of the future: Scenarios for automotive decision making
Mr. Tom De Vleesschauwer, IHS- Global Insight

Automotive trends for 2020
Mr. Martin Haub Group Vice President Product Marketing & R&D VALEO

EC strategies and policies affecting the automotive industry

Mr. Andras Siegler, EC Director, DG Research
Mr. Juhani Jaaskelainen, EC Head of Unit, DG Information Society
Mr. Philippe Jean, EC Head of Unit, DG Enterprise and Industry

Financial support mechanisms for the automotive industry
Mr. Mats Gunnarsson, Advisor to the VP, European Investment Bank


Download the final Technology Day 2009/ ILIPT Conference Programme (10.2.2009)


Download the Exhibitors Catalogue

Should you have questions regarding the exhibiton or companies represented, please contact Ms Beatrice Tomassini, +32 2 743 91 34

Press inquiries

Download the Press Announcement: CLEPA TECHNOLOGY DAY: THE CAR OF TOMORROW (10.2.2009)

For any further information regarding the Technology Day, ILIPT Conference or CLEPA, please contact:

Mr. Wolfgang Lange, CLEPA Communications Officer, Tel.: +32 2 743 9121

Technology Day part of the Sustainable Energy Europe Campaign

CLEPA has been invited to join the Sustainable Energy Europe Campaign, a European Campaign to raise awareness and change the landscape of energy
Sustainable Energy Europe is a European Commission initiative in the framework of the Intelligent Energy - Europe Programme, which will contribute to achieve the European Union's energy policy targets within the fields of renewable energy sources, energy efficiency, clean transport and alternative fuels.

For more information, visit the Sustainable Energy Europe Campaign

ILIPT Project

Intelligent Logistics for Innovative Product Technologies

For more information, visit the ILIPT Project


Joint Aftermarket stand at Technology Day

At the 2009 Technology Day Conference, one of the stands was dedicated to companies involved in the aftermarket business. These companies supply products which are installed on existing cars, improving their safety or environmental performance.

Further, the CLEPA code against counterfeiting, a matrix code that can be scanned through a scan device or a mobile phone with a direct online result, was also presented.

Should you have any questions regarding the Aftermarket stand or the products and techniques presented, please contact the CLEPA Aftermarket Departement

Technology Day 2009/ ILIPT Conference - an opportunity not to be missed!

Images from Technology Day 2007

The 2007 Technology Day gave the European institutions a deep insight into the latest technologies developed by the automotive supply industry in the fields of standards, reduction of CO2 emissions, intelligent car systems and the related perspectives for the future.

Photos: CLEPA Technology Day 2009/ ILIPT Conference

For further information on photos taken during the Conference, please contact Mr Wolfgang Lange, Tel.: +32 2 743 9121

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Photos: CLEPA Technology Day 2007